In The Beginning

Welcome to The Rock Renaissance! Time for a quick history lesson:

In the beginning, there was man. Through a collection of genius achievements, man created impressive technological feats such as the wheel, the lightbulb, and the burrito.

As man progressed into the information age, certain sects broke off into their own cultural groups. There was the cool man, the athletic man, and the nerdy man. The latter did not have a voice amongst the stronger men, so being the smart man that he was, the nerd created his template for speaking: The Blog.

There you have it, thanks history for being so damn informative. Welcome to The Rock Renaissance, my nerdy voice amongst the vast blogosphere. Let’s get down to brass-tax and answer the question, “What is The Rock Renaissance?”

This blog was created as a means of bringing music to the listener. It is my firm belief that as technology has progressed, music has been pushed away from the forefront, and is essentially background music to our daily lives. We like extravagance, instant gratification, and variety. Very few people in this day and age would sit down, dim the lights, and spin an LP in its entirety.

I also believe that music is one of the truest and strongest forms of human expression, and the fact that it is forgotten, tuned out, and commercialized is a travesty. So instead of whine about it, I thought I’d start a blog and a radio show to allow me to, well, whine about it.

This blog will go in conjunction with my radio show on Party 934, cleverly entitled, “The Rock Renaissance.” Set your calendars for Wednesdays at 9AM Mountain Time. That’s 10 AM Central, 11 AM Eastern, and 8AM Pacific. Time conversion, bada boom. Here’s a breakdown of what the radio show will contain:

  • Conversations In Music: This is the intellectual crux of the show that will explore a variety of topics. I know I have ideas and biases on music, but I would like to find out why. I would like to analyze the current state of music and get opinions from listeners and readers.
  • Shut Up And Play: Sometimes, you just want to hear great tunes. So I’m going to shut up for a little while and spin a great playlist. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on the radio anyway?
  • Rock History 101: I know very little about, well, pretty much everything except random music facts. I will undoubtedly push those facts onto you, but no need to thank me when you’re killing it in bar trivia.
  • Interview Series: I’m really not very cool or smart, but there sure are a lot of those people within the music industry. In order to get an idea of where music is headed, I’ll be speaking to the best of the best.
  • Artist Showcase: I’m a fan of the album and the artist much more than the playlist and the mix. I’d like to focus on certain artists, and share what they’ve contributed over the years while spinning their awesome tuneskies.

Then of course, this blog will supplement the show with tons of other awesome stuff:

  • Reviews: For, you know, reviewing stuff.
  • Lists: Any music nerd loves putting his or her thoughts in list form.
  • News: Anything of note in the music world.
  • Chit-Chat: The miscellaneous, hodge-podge category.

That’s really about all I can think of for the time being. I’m sure I’ll come up with more clever items along the way as the show progresses. As for now, this is just the beginning.

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  1. The Rock Renaissance is a good name for a show that starts with “Guitar Gods” since three of those gods were in the Yardbirds, and after the Yardbirds disbanded, Keith Relf (vocals) and Jim McCarty (drums) formed the progressive folk-rock band…….Renaissance!
    “Because We’ve Ended as Lovers” is my all-time favorite guitar song, and Beck dedicated it to a lesser known guitar god, Roy Buchannan. Buchanan was briefly roommates with even lesser known guitar god Danny Gatton in Nashville in the 1960s. Unfortunately, both gods took their own lives; Buchanan a month before his 49th birthday; Gatton a month after his 49th birthday.
    Loved the show! Looking forward to next week!

    • Thanks for the fun facts! Gary Feest: Chief Rock N Roll fact supplier for The Rock Renaissance?

      Can’t believe ex-Yardbirds formed a “rock” Renaissance band. Well played gents. I will need to check them out as well as some more Roy Buchanan.


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