Listener Comments: “Guitar Gods”

Over here at The Rock Renaissance, we listen to your opinions, thoughts, questions, comments, suggestions, bad jokes, childhood stories, etc. This isn’t like talking to a man during a football game, this is a radio show and blog meant to instigate a conversation and an intellectual approach to music. Wow, that came off scholarly. Tricky smarts. Boom.

Thankfully, you listened, and on show #1, we’ve got some great comments worth addressing.

The first comment is a list of guitar gods suggested by Steve. I’ll break them down one by one.

  • Stephen Stills. One of the most underrated guitarists out there. I’ll definitely be tossing his ax slinging on some future playlists.
  • Billy Gibbons. The ZZ Top guitarist isn’t just a badass beard and spinning guitar gimmicks. He’s well versed in ancient Blues lore and plays some of the dirtiest, baddest riffs out there.
  • Lindsey Buckingham. Another great guitarist, not so much for his flashiness, but for his very unique finger-picking style. Like Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie, I look at him more as a phenomenal songwriter than anything else.
  • Robin Trower. I’ll admit he’s a great guitarist, but I don’t think he ever broke much new musical ground. He uses the same techniques as his predecessors and contemporaries, and therefore couldn’t be considered an original. That doesn’t stop me from cranking Bridge of Sighs to 11 though.
  • Lil’ Ed. Not many people out there have ever heard of Lil’ Ed. That’s a shame, because the guy can really sling a guitar. Again, he’s using techniques from previous guitarist, most notably from the legendary Guitar Slim, who was known for using a 350 foot guitar cable. He would wander through the crowd and even on the street and into traffic, all the while soloing on the guitar. Why no one would want to see a modern guitarist do that today is beyond me, but I hope Lil’ Ed gains more notoriety for his wild performances.
  • Peter Frampton. Personally, I think he’s completely overrated. I understand that Frampton Comes Alive is a classic, but any guitarist can make their guitar talk with a Talk Box. Only the true guitar gods can make their guitars talk without one.
  • David Gilmour. That’s all you had to say right there. I’ve always argued that he’s a true guitar god, with some of the most precise and soulful playing I’ve ever heard. Because of that, I had “Money” waiting to close out the playlist of the “Guitar Gods” show, but ran out of time. Amateur move, I know, but hey, it was my first show!

Thanks for the suggestions, Steve. I’ll have plenty of these artists in the shows to come…

I also want to thank Gary Feest for writing a great comment. Here it is below:

The Rock Renaissance is a good name for a show that starts with “Guitar Gods” since three of those gods were in the Yardbirds, and after the Yardbirds disbanded, Keith Relf (vocals) and Jim McCarty (drums) formed the progressive folk-rock band…….Renaissance!
“Because We’ve Ended as Lovers” is my all-time favorite guitar song, and Beck dedicated it to a lesser known guitar god, Roy Buchannan. Buchanan was briefly roommates with even lesser known guitar god Danny Gatton in Nashville in the 1960s. Unfortunately, both gods took their own lives; Buchanan a month before his 49th birthday; Gatton a month after his 49th birthday.

You’re the man Gary. I daresay you’re a human encyclopedia of musical awesomeness.

What do you think, Planet Earth? Feel free to comment on any of the posts through the blog or via the contact page.

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