Show #2: Jamming

Thanks to all of you folks that tuned into the show and the blog over the past week. Hope you had as much fun jamming to the tunes on the inaugural show as I did. Speaking of, the show today was very originally titled “Jamming.”

The show was part of the Shut Up And Play series, and was a whole lot of, um, you know, jamming. I’m not a Dead Head and I’ve never been to a Phish show, so my knowledge of the Jam genre is pretty weak. I decided to spin some tunes from the Jam genre, but also wanted to explore the concept of jamming. We had some studio jamming, some live jamming, songs boldly titled jamming, and some crazy experimental jamming. Check it out:

  • Grateful Dead – “St. Steven”

As much as I wanted to play “Dark Star,” I didn’t want to spend half the show on one song. This cut from Live/Dead is a good example of their live playing style. The Grateful Dead are a very tight band that can play perfectly in sync, but are also able to give each other enough room to explore solos.

  • Phish – “Slave to the Traffic Light”

A great track from A Live One, I think I’ve always liked this song because I hate all those damn traffic lights. Phish gets it, I wonder if dancing hippies get it? Either way, it’s a great song that really shows what a dynamic and technically proficient band they are. 

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – “Jamming”

A standout tracks from Exodus, this is also one of Marley’s best known songs. Only Bob Marley could write a song about jamming, sing about the fact that he’s jamming during the song, and make it sound timeless and cool. It was then when I decided to grow dreads.

  • Jimi Hendrix – “Cherokee Mist”

This is a studio jam from 1970, during a time when Hendrix was constantly working on new material. During the end of his lifetime, there were no major releases, but albums sure have been rolling in for 40 years since. There are tons of great albums featuring Jimi in the studio jamming, and as a big Hendrix fan, I think those albums are among his best.

  • The Allman Brothers Band – “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”

It’s pretty much agreed upon by quite a few musical nerds that At Fillmore East is one of the best live albums of all time. Duane Allman kicked some major ass that night, but this song was actually written by his co-guitarist Dickey Betts. Apparently, Betts liked to write songs at a cemetery, and after completing the main riff to this one, he looked over at a tombstone that read, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.”

  • My Morning Jacket – “Run Thru”

They’ve been called the best modern live band, and I have a hard time disagreeing. I’ve seen them twice, but I wish I’ve seen them about 20 times. The mixture of styles and the way they can maneuver a song to fit the energy of the crowd is amazing. This song shows all of their skills at play, and slowly builds into a wild rocker.

  • Battles – “Futura”

I kind of passed by this track on their most recent album, but after hearing them play the song live, it’s since become my favorite. I know they’re an experimental band centered around a drummer in the “Math Rock” style, but when I hear this track, I think this is nothing more that some good ol’ jamming.

So there you have it, Planet Earth. That’s how we jam out at The Rock Renaissance. What do you think? Any songs I missed? Any jam knowledge you want to drop? Feel free to comment on this post or give me a holler on the contact page.

If you missed the show, you’ll find the streaming and download links below. The streaming link will open up a new window in your browser and allow you to hear the whole show from there. TRR has gone mobile, so it will work on an iPhone or whatever other crazy “smart” phone you have. Click the download link if you want to get the actual MP3 file of the show. In case you missed the last week, the show links are all posted on the Show Archive page above. Rock on…

Show #2 (Stream)

Show #2 (Download)

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  1. My favorite cover of the Bob Marley tune:

    My favorite example of a typical jam concert-goer:

    • Yeah, Chief Wiggum gets it. But that one guy doesn’t get much of anything. That must have been his first big concert experience.

  2. And for anyone who DOES want to listen to one song for over 23 minutes…it IS a classic…


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