Show #4 Alert!

Hear yee, hear yee, thy showeth with the mosteth hath live this morrow!

Enough of that. We’ve got a killer show in the works for tomorrow morning.

Tune your dial to 94.9FM if you happen to be in The Hudson Valley.

If you’re in the rest of the vast planet, head over to and get ready to rock.

‘You can also jam through iTunes radio, by selecting the  “eclectic” genre and then Party 934.

If you can’t tune in at 11 eastern, 10 central, 9 mountain, or 8 pacific, fear not!

I’ll be posting an in-depth breakdown of the show with the streaming and download links later in the afternoon.

It’ll be a whole new type of show, with a new series called, “The Vinyl Revival.” Oh, new stuff, cooooooool.

Well then, Planet Earth, until tomorrow…

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  1. C-Dizzy

     /  November 27, 2012

    I’ll be tuning but it might be for the after party so post something up and I’ll be logging onto the Rock Renaissnace later in the evening!

    • Ain’t no party like the after party. I’ll have the links posted later this afternoon good sir.


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