The Gift Of Awesome

2 for 1

Tell me Planet Earth, what do we like? We like to save our hard earned dough and get deals. Being the cheapest person ever, I hear that loud and clear. So I thought I’d propose a deal to you, my listening and reading friends, with TRR’s very own 2 for 1.

I can’t save you money, because you can jam to these killer tunes for the price of on the  house. What I can do, is give you something more valuable: The Gift of Awesome.

What’s more awesome then getting some quality airtime and jamming to great tunes? Nothing, that’s what. So here’s the deal:

You follow my blog (1) and get one more person to follow the blog (2), then I’ll hook you up with a song of your choice on the TRR radio hour. I’ll even give you a shout-out over the airwaves to thank you for your support of this blog and weekly radio show, so you can be heard throughout the entire planet. Pretty cool, huh?

All you’ve got to do is roll to the Contact page at the top of the site, let me know your name so I can give you a shout-out, both you are your friend’s email addresses to confirm the subscriptions, and the song you want broadcast throughout the vast solar system. That’s it. Rockin’ is easy as that.

I will have to place a disclaimer and say I’m not going to play any terrible music, so please make sure you request something sweet. This is The Rock Renaissance, not Janet Jackson Jamz or anything.

You want more songs? Well keep on referring this site to your pals. Each additional subscriber you gain will get you another song. Theoretically, you could run the whole radio hour yourself, and all your friends would hear it!

So what are you waiting for? Help this station grow and have a great time reaping the benefits of the best 2 for 1 deal since the one Steak N Shake deal came out with. I know, Steak N Shake is awesome.

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