Show #6: Far Out, Man


Planet Earth. We meet again.

Today we rocked with a killer shut up and play series show. I’ve noticed that I have been a bit stuck in the past for the last five episodes. I decided it was time to venture into new tuneskies, from the past era of Psychedelic Rock into the modern era of, well, Psychedelic Rock.

Hopefully you’re aware of the great Psychedelic Rock movement back in the late sixties with such epic bands as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, The Doors, Love, 13 Floor Elevators, and yes, the list goes on. What you may not be aware of, is that the same Psychedelia genre is alive and well with new artists kicking out some great trippy and fuzzed out jams.

Before I discovered any of these bands, I always thought it would be a cool concept to play Modern Psych Rock. Then I discovered all of these great bands, and realized I wasn’t very clever at all, just misinformed and behind the times.

But now I’m with it, and you will be too Planet Earth, because the show featured a killer playlist to Psych your mind. So before you download or stream the show, please make sure you turn off the lights, fire up the lava lamp, and toss up some tapestries as we venture into the past and the future of wild trippiness. Here’s what we were jamming to:

  • The Black Angels – “Young Men Dead” (2006)

A great band hailing from one of the most important places in musical history, Austin, Texas. They took their name from The Velvet Underground’s “Black Angel Death Song,” and are a cool mix of straight 13 Floor Elevator style Psychedelia and the dark and artsy sound of The Velvet Underground. I tried to see them when they came to Denver last year, and learned it’s best to buy tickets to a concert in advance, or else they sell out. Fortunately it was Taco Tuesday though, so everything ended up working out okay.

  • The Greenhornes – “Need Your Love” (2010)

These guys have actually been around since 1996, but they sure sound like the belong in the mid sixties.

  • Darker My Love – “Northern Soul” (2008)

A very authentic sounding psych band, with reverb soaked harmonies and fuzzed out guitar riffs.

  • Black Mountain – “Don’t Run Our Hearts Around” (2005)

This is the oldest track of our jam today, going all the way back to 2005. Can you believe this is modern music? We’re so hip!

  • Them Crooked Vultures – “Caligulove” (2009)

It doesn’t get much better than the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures. The band consists of Josh Homme on guitar, hailing from such killer acts as Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, and Eagles of Death Metal. Then Dave Grohl on drums, of course frontman for the Foo Fighters and drummer for Nirvana. Last of course is John Paul Jones, bassist from a little band named Led Zepellin. How they all got together is beyond me, but they self-titled album really rocked hard with some wild Psych thrown in the mix.

Tame Impala

  • Ty Segall – “The Drag” (2008)
  • White Fence – “Enthusiasm” (2011)
  • Ty Segall & White Fence – “Easy Rider” (2012)

Now all the three of these bands are connected, and if you’ll notice, sound a bit alike too. We’ve got the great psych-fuzz-garage rocker Ty Segall, then his pal Tim Presley with White Fence. Tim Presley, by the way, is also the frontman of that great Darker My Love band mentioned above, as well as the killer Garage Rock band Strange Boys. The two prolific artist combined for an album released earlier this year. That right there is called teamwork.

  • Tame Impala – “Apocalypse Dreams” (2012)

Remember our two for one deal? Well someone finally listened. The Australian band Tame Impala with the outstanding, “Apocalypse Dreams” was special request from my bud Wes, one of three members of the great music blog, Little By Listen.

  • Clinic – “Baby” (2010)

They’re known for their very eclectic sound, with every album seemingly sounding different. The 2010 album Bubblegum was pure 60’s Psych and therefore awesome.

  • Thee Oh Sees – “Flood’s New Light” (2012)

The outfit from San Francisco led by John Dwyer, maybe one of the most prolific artists out there nowadays.

  • Quest For Fire – “The Hawk That Hunts The Walking” (2008)

They rock harder than most with some really epic songs and blistering guitar work. They have had concerts in the past that drew police intervention. Now that’s how you rock.


Well there you go Earth, the jams for this fine Wednesday. Make sure you get your friends to subscribe to the blog and let me know what song you want jamming in your honor on the next show. Until next time then, Rock On.

Show #6 (Stream)

Show #6 (Download)


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  1. Love psychedelia….yesterday was the 75th birthday of Joe Byrd, who put out a couple of classic psyche albums back in the late 60’s–“The United States of America”, and “Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies”….but since we’re bringing psychedelia into the 21st century, one of my favorites is another “black” band (you played the Black Angels and Black Mountain)—Black Moth Super Rainbow–here’s a playlist:

    • There are sure a lot of “black” bands out there, and I’m definitely a fan of Black Moth Super Rainbow. I always considered them to be more of an experimental band since they’re so “out there,” but their last album had a very psychedelic cover and some “trippy” sounds, so I think they could be classified as such.


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