Show #10: He’s New Here


You know when companies have meetings to discuss teamwork and they’re super pointless and lame? Well here at TRR, we try to avoid being lame, but we still believe in teamwork. That’s why I chose to showcase the legendary artist Gil Scott-Heron with his original 2010 album “I’m New Here” alongside the remixed and reworked “We’re New Here”  from 2011 by Jamie Smith of The xx. I guess the correct term is collaboration, not teamwork, now that I think about it. Oh well, I think you’ll enjoy hearing the poetic and artsy sound of Herron right next to the dubstep style reworking from Smith. No matter how different they may sound, it’s all connected under the greatest artform of all: music. Poetic, I know.




Gil Scott-Herron “I’m New Here” & “We’re New Here”


Artist Showcase


Show #10 (Stream)

Show #10 (Download)

Random Unrelated Fact:

In England, they call fries “chips” because they’re crazy like that.


Click to enlarge.

TRR 10

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