Jam of the Week: King Tuff


I’m always jamming to good tunes. How else would I know what to play on the show? Maybe I can start calling it “research” or something.

I figured I should probably share these tuneskies with my pals across the great Planet Earth. Some of the stuff is new, some of the stuff is old school, some of the stuff you’ve heard of before, some of the stuff is obscure. Either way, all of the stuff has passed an intense pre-qualification process to ensure awesomeness.

So each week, I’ll give you a great album as the “jam of the week.” Well, it may not be every week, since I’ll probably forget here and there, but I like to keep my goals lofty (like my bball hops). I’ll give you some info and a video clip to check the tunes out. Then head over to your local record store, iTunes, Spotify, or wherever, and then start jamming like a boss.

Jam of the Week

Artist: King Tuff

Album: King Tuff

Genre: Garage Rock (Modern)

Date: 2012 sometime

Sound: T. Rex, modern style

Cool Stuff: Dude’s got jams like Jordan can act (going with a bball theme apparently). It’s Garage Rock, but with a lot of groove and catchy melodies. Really sounds like a modern version of T. Rex, which unto itself is amazing. King Tuff recorded in an abandoned Detroit school, so you know he loves to learn stuff. You’ve gotta respect a man who loves to learn stuff, or rock out in a cafeteria.

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