Show #12: Beware of Darkness


Today we embarked on a new series called “From The Vault.” I’ll now be digging through the rarest of rare in my collection of tuneskies to provide you with some hidden gems. The first jam in the series is from the band Dark with the killer album, “Round The Edges.” Only 50 copies were pressed upon the album’s release, which made it an unheard collectors item (like a Bill Cosby Pez dispenser). The album has since been re-released and can now be heard by more than 50 people. As with all the jams in this series, it makes me wonder how viable rare albums are in comparison to popular ones. Give this LP a whirl and tell me what you think, because thinking thoughts is a good thing.




Dark “Round The Edges”


From The Vault


Show #12 (Stream)

Show #12 (Download)

Random Unrelated Fact:

Oprah became rich and famous simply by talking to rich and famous people.


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