Show #14: The Heart of Saturday Night


Well Planet Earth, we’re back to spinning records, old school style. I chose a pretty cool one I’ve jammed to quite a bit, but don’t want to reveal who the artist is just yet. You’ve got to guess after listening to the first song. I call that TRR trivia, boom. If you want to know who the artist is, I’ll tell you after a few minutes on the show, so get to listening and guessing! Or you can just scroll down and see the playlist, but no one likes cheaters. Or the post office. 




“The Heart of Saturday Night”


The Vinyl Revival


Show #14 (Stream)

Show #14 (Download)

Random Unrelated Fact:

Saturday night is alright for fighting. Don’t pull anything on Sunday though.


Click to enlarge.


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  1. He did sound different on this. I thought it was him initially, but then thought to myself – no, he’s not growly enough, can’t be him. Good one, Alex

    • Thanks! He doesn’t have his signature growl until his third album, a year later with “Nighthawks at the Diner.” That’s why I love his first two albums; it sounds like a completely different artist.


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