Show #16: Rockin’ Riffs (Part 2)


I know I’m a week late, but I finally have the show posting from last week. The ol’ radio station had some difficulty getting me the streaming and download links for some reasons. When in doubt, blame someone else. Also, it’s good to blame technology. These are words of wisdom, so write them down. We’ll only be behind on the show postings for one week, as I’ll be taking Wednesday the 20th off for Spring Break. Wooooo, Spring Break, partaaay! 

More riffs because they’re cool. Loud guitar badassery (new favorite word) is what makes a killer Rock song. I’ve got some of mine, some of yours, and what I deem to be the best riff of all time. It’s getting loud around TRR headquarters (my computer). 




Timeless Guitar Riffs


Shut Up And Play


Show #16 (Stream)

Show #16 (Download)

Random Unrelated Fact:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Just saying.


Click to enlarge.



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