Show #19: Hendrix, Lies & Money


After tackling the falsely advertised “new” Hendrix album, People, Hell & Angels, on the blog with a rocktacular review, I thought it would be only fitting to get our jam on as well. The show today talked about the new album in depth, cruised through the track list, and replaced some of the rarities on the new album with much better hidden Hendrix gems. If you’re digging the new Hendrix album, you’ll really dig this show. If you’re digging outside, you’re doing yard work. 




Jimi Hendrix – People, Hell & Angels


From The Vault


Show #19 (Stream)

Show #19 (Download)

Random Unrelated Fact:

Dr. Pepper is not a registered medical doctor. Don’t be fooled.


Click to enlarge.

trr 19

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