TRR Violates Royalty Rights (Whoops!)


I thought TRR was pretty awesome and unique because it’s one of the few radio shows around that play full-length albums. Well apparently TRR isn’t so awesome, I’ve just been violating royalty rights the whole time. All the other radio stations just happen to know and follow the rules. I just found out from the management at Party 934 that I can’t play more than two songs by the same artist during my weekly radio hour. Whoops!

Now I’m not one to argue with like, you know, the law and stuff, so I guess the Dude will have to abide. I’m all about artist’s earning their due royalties, so I’m modifying TRR a bit to suit the regulations of Internet Radio. I’ve sadly had to delete my favorite show series, “The Vinyl Revival.” I guess we can’t revive LP records in this day and age (except new vinyl record sales have seen quite the resurgence in sales lately). I also combined the “Interview Series” with “Conversations In Music.” With the addition of two new “variety” focused series, “Mixed Brew” and “Fresh Spin,” here is how you’ll hear shows from now on:

  • Artist Showcase: Focusing on certain artists that happen to kick ass.
  • Conversations In Music: This is the intellectual crux of the show.
  • Fresh Spin: Collection of the newest tunes to hit the airwaves.
  • From The Vault: Digging through the rarest of rare jams.
  • Mixed Brew: Putting variety to the extreme with a wild mixture of songs.
  • Rock History 101: A little bit of knowledge with a lotta bit of awesome.
  • Shut Up And Play: Spinning great themed playlists without other mumbo-jumbo.

And of course I thought it would be prime time to tighten up the blog categories and consolidate them into a smaller collection. The new blog categories are:

  • Chit-Chat: The miscellaneous, hodge-podge category.
  • Jam of the Week: Highlights a killer jamtastic album each week.
  • Lists: Any music nerd loves putting his or her thoughts in list form.
  • News: Anything of note in the music world.
  • Reviews: For, you know, reviewing stuff.

Though it may not seem very important, I am keen on listening to full albums, so keep your eyes and ears out for the Monday “Jam of the Week.” Or maybe just mosey on down to your local record store and buy some albums (it was just Record Store Day after all).

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