Jam of the Week: The Black Keys


Artist: The Black Keys

Album: Magic Potion

Genre: Blues Rock (Modern)

Date: 2006

Sound: Loud ass mix of Garage Rock and North Mississippi Blues

Cool Stuff: Before they were all popular and stuff, The Black Keys were a couple of dudes from Ohio just rocking out some Blues tunes in their basement. Then their albums became more intricate, as did their production techniques. Soon enough, they had a sound friendly enough for the radio waves and the arenas of the world. I say well done boys, but I won’t forget where you came from. Here’s my favorite Keys album. It’s all Blues, but done so damn loud, you can’t help but crank the volume up.

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  1. Looking forward to the band’s new release this year

    • They’re a machine on the road and in the studio. I think recording was supposed to have wrapped up in March.


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