Show #32: Lonely Boys


The Blacks Keys are now one of the biggest names in Modern Rock. How did they do it? By being awesome, duh. Today was an artist showcase showing casual and dedicated fans alike where this killer band came from. Sure I could only play two songs from the band, but we had tons of other related awesomeness that you might not have jammed to. We even had…wait for it…a hip-hop song. Don’t expect that to become a normal dealio by the way. So after you jam to the show, let me know how you thing the keys rose to popularity. I always wanted to be popular, but that definitely never happened. Maybe I could hang out with The Black Keys though…hmm…




The Black Keys, their influences, produced works, and side-projects


Artist Showcase


Show #32 (Stream)

Show #32 (Download)

Random Related Fact:

Losing your keys is a really bummer because you can’t call them. Just saying.


Click to enlarge.

trr 32


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