Jam of the Week: Simon and Garfunkel


Artist: Simon and Garfunkel

Album: Sounds of Silence

Genre: Folk Rock

Date: 1966

Sound: Just a couple of bros jammin’ out some Folk Rock

Cool Stuff: A couple of dudes hanging out together in the dark playing acoustic guitars and singing love songs softly to each other? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Seriously though, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel could really kick out some epic tuneskies, and have sold a ton of records because of their awesomeness. This one happens to be my fav and is a rocktastic monster from start to finish. On the show I’ll talk about their unlikely rise to fame and their importance in turning the Folk scene into the Folk Rock genre we know today. That happened back in 1965, the year most people give sole credit to Bob Dylan, but these dudes gotta get some cred too.

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  1. one of my favorite songs


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