Jam of the Week: Woodstock


Artist: Soundtrack

Album: Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More

Genre: Alternative

Date: 1970

Sound: Some of the greatest bands of all time, no joke

Cool Stuff: Generally when hippies say they’re going to do something, like get a job, nothing happens. They sit around playing bongos and get really high, then fall asleep amidst a bed of Funyuns. Not a bad life come to think of it. But back in the day, a few hippies got together to put on the most epic of all concerts in Woodstock, NY. I’ll be damned, they pulled it off, and we’ve got the documentary and soundtrack to prove it. Sure The Monterey Pop Festival was the first back in 1967, and just so happened to be epic too. Woodstock did it one up by making the music festival bigger and better. To this day, even though festivals are a dime a dozen, nothing has usurped Woodstock in its awesomeness. No, not even Woodstock ’99, since that pretty much sucked.

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