Show #38: Woodstock Rocks (Part 1)


Woodstock was pretty awesome. The ginormous festival featured 33 hippie-lovin’ bands spanned over three epic days. I originally was just going to do one Woodstock show, but the playlist grew in awesomeness, and now we’re looking at three shows. Hey, they billed it as three days of peace and music, so we’ll do three shows as well. That means you need to be peaceful for the next three weeks, and make sure you jam to lots of tunes. Drum circles in the park and hemp clothing are permissible, but only during the next three weeks. 




Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music


Rock History 101


Show #38 (Stream)

Show #38 (Download)

Random Related Fact:

Woodstock was the largest concentration of naked hippies in history. Well, I assume anyway.


Click to enlarge.

trr 38


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