Top Ten Bands That Skipped Woodstock


Woodstock was epic. Fact. Some of the best bands of the 60’s came, saw, and conquered the sea of dancing hippies. Yet many music fans aren’t aware of all the bands that could have rocked Woodstock, but instead chose to skip or happened to miss out on the greatest rock festival of all time. Who are they and why did they skip out? Allow me to present my handy dandy list below, in order of potential awesomeness.

10. Jethro Tull

Reason For Skipping: Frontman Ian Anderson declined because he didn’t like naked hippies. Seriously. Dude called that; naked hippies were all over the place at Woodstock.

9. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

Reason For Skipping: Zappa and the boys turned ’em down. Even though I consider Zappa to be one of the greatest musical geniuses ever, he spent a lot of time making fun of hippies. Might not have gone over too well.

8. Iron Butterfly

Reason For Skipping: Dudes were stuck at the airport. No joke. I guess airports sucked 40 years ago too.

7. The Byrds

Reason For Skipping: They didn’t think Woodstock was different than any other summer festival. They decided to rest up after a long tour and later found out that they passed on, well, the biggest festival ever. Fail.

6. Love

Reason For Skipping: Arthur Lee declined due to inner conflicts with the band. Being one of the seminal California Psychedelic bands, that was you know, like a real bummer, man.

5. The Jeff Beck Group

Reason For Skipping: The band had just broken up prior to the show, which Beck later claimed was deliberate. Why would you do this to us Jeff? I thought we were friends!

4. Led Zeppelin

Reason For Skipping: Manager Peter Grant declined because he didn’t want Zep to share the bill with anyone else. Yep. We could’ve gotten the Led out at Woostock, but Grant thought Led Zeppelin was way too cool to share a stage with anyone else. Sharing is caring ya jerk!

3. Bob Dylan

Reason For Skipping: Um, dude didn’t get an invite. I know, right? Maybe it got lost in the mail. That’s what my friends always tell me, even though no one sends stuff through the mail. Bob did say he wasn’t too pleased about having his then home base in Woodstock overrun by hippies. I think he would have been pretty solid on the first day, and I would definitely have invited him.

2. The Doors

Reason For Skipping: The band thought it would be a repeat of the Monterey Pop Festival. Well, they were kind of right, except it was a tad bit larger. The Doors were one of the seminal bands of the 60’s, why did they have to be such slackers? Was Jim Morrison drunk when he made that decision?

1. The Beatles / John Lennon

Reason For Skipping: Well, there were many reasons. One was John Lennon was in Canada. Two was the fact that The Beatles were nearing the end of their dynasty. Three was the issue of The Beatles not having performed in three years. The main reason though, was that John Lennon had been contacted about performing with The Beatles, and he said they would only play if there was a spot for The Plastic Ono Band. He was then turned down because Yoko Ono sucks. Well done Michael Lang and the rest of the Woostock crew. Yoko is just the worst.


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  1. riverwatcher

     /  October 17, 2017

    Dylan’s bio ‘Down the Highway’ had him saying he didn’t want to go, for no particular reason. He was unpredictable like that.
    Yoko Ono. Nice job wrecking one of the best songwriters and bands ever.


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