Show #41: Woodstock Rocks (Part 4)


And then it came to an end. Well, it came to an end like a boss. I’m talking about Woodstock closing out with none other than the greatest of all, Jimi Hendrix. Before he took the stage, the jams continued loud and proud into the morning of Monday, August 18th, well off schedule. So when Hendrix closed out the festival, a diehard crowd of 30,000 jammed along, while 370,000 weak sauce amateurs went home. If you’ve been at Woodstock for three days, wouldn’t you stay for two extra hours to see Jimi Hendrix? C’mon now! Anywho, overall, 32 bands destroyed the stage over three plus days, making Woodstock live on in jamstastic glory forever.




Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music


Rock History 101


Show #41 (Stream)

Show #41 (Download)

Random Related Fact:

Woodstock was the largest concentration of tie-dye in history. Well I assume anyway.


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trr 41

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