Tame Impala Show Review


Venue: Ogden Theatre

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 10/27/13

Inebriation Level: Sober (Doesn’t anyone around here work on Monday?!)

Allow me sum up the Tame Impala show in three short words: far…out…man.

The Psychedelic geniuses from Australia finally made their way to Denver and you better believe I wasn’t going to miss the show. After rocking Boulder on Saturday, they rolled into Denver on a Sunday, and a very tired music nerd and his special lady dragged themselves very uninspired-like to the Ogden Theatre (hey we’re old).

We got there too late to hear Austin’s White Denim open up the show, but were greeted by a sold-out packed house. We worked our way through the crowd to a halfway decent spot on the side of the stage, but I kept thinking, “Don’t any of you people work tomorrow?” Man, I really am an old man. Did I mention I had a strong desire to sit down during the show? Next step is yelling at the band to “turn that damn racket down!” Oh no, now I’m worried.

 Tame Impala moseyed onto the stage and immediately fit the image of their music. They weren’t thrashing around like maniacs, nor were they boring everyone to death. They were just a bunch of hippie dudes jamming out to some trippy tunes. In front of a backdrop of psychedelic images and with a hypnotic groove, the crowd was suddenly transported to 1967.

These weren’t the kind of bongo playing pothead hippies you see loitering in the park on a Tuesday morning though. Their show sounded meticulously crafted, and every note interweaved with the next, allowing their music to grow into something much larger than what was hear on their two albums. Tense start and stops paved the way for groovy rhythms and quiet introductions led into extensive jams. Each song perfectly transitioned into the next like one big concept album. Singer Kevin Parker had some trouble hitting the high notes, but still sounded like John Lennon to my ear. Overall though, the band was locked in super tight, creating a hypnotic groove you couldn’t ignore.

I realized before the show that Tame Impala are one of the only bands where I didn’t have any favorite songs. I like every song on their two albums, bar none, so I was ready to hear whatever they were planning to throw at us. From the badass riff of “Elephant” to the bumping rhythm of “Be Above It,” Tame Impala showed the depth of their music and the desire to explore songs further. “Elephant” was a monster, but so was the extended jamming on “Apocalypse Dreams.” Even more subdued songs like “Endors Toi” had such a strong groove it was hard not to join everyone in some good ol’ fashioned head bobbing.

After the house lights came up and the trippy colors disappeared, I realized it actually wasn’t 1967, but was 2013. And I had to go to work the next morning. Bummer man.

4/5: Awesome

4 Records

Set List:

(Whoops, kinda spaced this out, here are some songs I remember in no particular order)

Endors Toi
Desire Be Desire Go
Apocalypse Dreams
Why Won’t They Talk To Me?
It Is Not Meant To Be
Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?
Solitude Is Bliss
Be Above It

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