Show #53: Let’s Get Funky


It’s that time Earth. The time where we break it down and groove like crazy to some killer Funk. I expect to see some killer dance moves being busted out in the most random of places (a Perkins, a mountaintop, the DMV, a Kansas farm, the Hubble Telescope, and/or  the set of Judge Judy). If I don’t see any dancing on the next Judge Judy, I’m going to be a wee bit disappointed. So crank these tunes, get your funky moves going, and don’t be embarrassed, because most of us really can’t dance no matter how hard we try. It’s okay, I can’t dance either, but I really don’t give a funk.

PS: Remember Soul Train? That show was so awesome it was messed up.




Funktastic Funktabular Funkalicious Funk


Rock History 101


Show #53 (Stream)

Show #53 (Download)


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trr 53

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