Show #54: Kicking It At The Shack


Today we had a little chat with Sugar Shack Records owner and operator Gary Feest, who’s been running the iconic Madison, Wisconsin record store for 32 years. Dude parties so hard that he makes those UW college kids look like they belong in a nursing home. He jams to his tunes so loud that he makes the Rolling Stones sound like a bunch of librarians. Yep. These are facts. So tune in and listen about his killer biker gang, his thoughts on reading books, and of course lots of music talk too.




Interview With Sugar Shack Records Owner Gary “Bossman” Feest


Conversations In Music


Show #54 (Stream)

Show #54 (Download)


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trr 54


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  1. My list of songs, which includes “Renaissance” by Jean Luc Ponty and “Mother Russia by Renaissance kinda reminds me of the #1 and #2 “Greatest Songs Of All Time” according to “Rolling Stone” magazine….

    • Wow, as many times as I’ve read that list, I never drew that conclusion. Well, I appreciate the sneaky advertisement. Just a little ROCK music about the RENAISSANCE and stuff…


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