Jam of the Week: Led Zeppelin


Artist: Led Zeppelin

Album: I (Deluxe Edition, Remastered)

Genre: Arena Rock

Date: 2014 (new, sorta)

Sound: F**king Led Zeppelin!

Cool Stuff: Wow, I kinda forgot that I had a blog for the last four months. But TRR is back! Until I forget I have a blog again I guess. Anyway, get the Led out this week. They re-released Zep I, II, and III complete with the remastered full albums and a deluxe disc of extra awesomeness. So crank there first album on the speakers, just make sure it’s LOUD.

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  1. Good to see you back!

    • Good to be back and glad to see you on TRR!

      • Yup. I had gone off my blog too for about 3 months. But I’ve been fairly regular since I resumed in March. I look forward to dropping by here now that you’ve got rolling again.

      • Subscribed…and now reading about tuneskies instead of working (don’t tell my boss).

      • That’s nice. Thanks.

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