RIP Johnny Winter


Well CNN just gave some pretty lame-ass news. The legendary Texas Blues guitarist Johnny Winter passed away at the young age of 70.

If you don’t know who Johnny Winter is, let me bring you up to speed. Dude…f**king…rips. I mean, you hear this guy play and you wonder what other guitarists are going to do for a living. There’s no damn competition. I’m talking about lightning-fast Texas style slide Blues guitar faster than you can even comprehend.

Now Johnny Winter wasn’t just another white dude playing the Blues, he was straight up albino. I’m sure a lot of people questioned whether he could really play the Blues, but after one listen, yeah, dude could shred.

Like Stevie Ray Vaughan and his brother Jimmie Vaughan, Johnny got that much better because of a nice guitar-based sibling rivalry with his brother and fellow Blues guitarist Edgar Winter. He rose to prominence in the 60’s, played a monster set at Woodstock, and went on to become a huge live act in the 70’s.

He worked with some legendary Bluesmen as a producer and player, even snagging a few Grammy Awards. He continued to record, notching nearly 20 albums, including a killer box set released this year. He constantly toured, even up until, well, now. Dude had to sit down on stage due to his health, but kept shredding crazy fast and touring like crazy. Now that’s a real music legend in my book. RIP Johnnny.

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  1. Yeah, the man was incredible. Probably my best memory of him was him playing “Highway 61 Revisited” at Dylan’s 30th anniversary celebration concert. Incendiary. No other word to describe it. And he did it with amazing ease. Dude was waaaayyyyy cool. RIP


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