Jam of the Week: Pink Floyd


Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Endless River

Genre: Art Rock (UK)

Date: 2014 (Sort Of)

Sound: Moody & Instrumental Awesomeness

Cool Stuff: The last Pink Floyd album released was The Division Bell back in 1994. David Gilmour dug through some of the tapes from those sessions and found 20 hours of unreleased instrumental jams. So is the “new” album from the Pink Floyd. Now if you’re expecting Dark Side of the Moon, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re wanting a killer album of new tuneskies, you’ll be disappointed. This is basically a collection of studio outtakes. But I’ll be damned, despite lots of bad reviews, I think this album holds up quite well. There’s some great guitar work by Gilmour, which I think made The Division Bell a solid album. And they sure bring Richard Wright front and center, who really helps create the cool and moody sounds on the record. You tell me, Earth.

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  1. A bit of Shine On… on this song. Most people get caught up in a bind with respect to their favourite bands, an expectation that does not accept anything outside of what they’re used to. This album of outtakes is not vintage Floyd but I think it’s a decent album too, a good listen.

    • Exactly. Much like The Division Bell, this album has grown on me. I like this moodier Pink Floyd, but of course, I’m not expecting anything of the caliber of some of their vintage works.


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