Welcome to The Rock Renaissance!

Mission Statement (Jargon):

  • To provide the necessary resources to incite a renewed interest with intellectually stimulating music and original and expressive musical artists.

Mission Statement (English):

  • Bringing great music to everyone. Bada boom.


  • Renaissance: A revival of or renewed interest in something.
  • The Renaissance: Old school paintings from back in the day (unrelated).

The Rock Renaissance Radio Show:

  • Party 934 every Wednesday morning at 9AM MST.
  • Podcasts are available if you miss the show.
  • Artist Showcase: Focusing on certain artists that happen to kick ass.
  • Conversations In Music: This is the intellectual crux of the show.
  • Fresh Spin: Collection of the newest tunes to hit the airwaves.
  • From The Vault: Digging through the rarest of rare jams.
  • Mixed Brew: Putting variety to the extreme with a wild mixture of songs.
  • Rock History 101: A little bit of knowledge with a lotta bit of awesome.
  • Shut Up And Play: Spinning great themed playlists without other mumbo-jumbo.

The Rock Renaissance Blog:

  • Makes sure you follow the blog to keep up with the latest awesomeness.
  • Chit-Chat: The miscellaneous, hodge-podge category.
  • Jam of the Week: Highlights a killer jamtastic album each week.
  • Lists: Any music nerd loves putting his or her thoughts in list form.
  • News: Anything of note in the music world.
  • Reviews: For, you know, reviewing stuff.

Alex Thompson:

  • Oh hey, that’s me.
  • Just another music lover wanting to share great tuneskies.
  • Broadcasting from the mean streets of Denver, Colorado.
  • Favorites include Rock, Blues, Indie, Psych, Folk, Punk, Metal, Funk.

This blog was created as a means of bringing music to the listener. It is my firm belief that as technology has progressed, music has been pushed away from the forefront, and is essentially background music to our daily lives. We like extravagance, instant gratification, and variety. Very few people in this day and age would sit down, dim the lights, and spin an LP in its entirety.

I also believe that music is one of the truest and strongest forms of human expression, and the fact that it is forgotten, tuned out, and commercialized is a travesty. So instead of whine about it, I thought I’d start a blog and a radio show to allow me to, well, whine about it.

Thanks so much for swinging by the ol’ TRR, hope to see you again!

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