An Open Letter To The Rolling Stones


Dear Band Members of the Rolling Stones,

Mick, how are you? Keith, how is your health? Charlie, I hope you’re well. Or do you go by Charles as I know many of you British folk do? Ronnie, how’s the hip? Again, is it Ronald, or maybe Mr. Wood? Bill, why aren’t you in the band, slacker?

It has come to my attention that you all will be touring the vast Planet Earth. Being that I broadcast a radio show to the same planet, I figured we at least have that in common. I also found five bucks in my coat pocket the other day, so I suppose we’re all pretty rich too.

Since I live in Denver, Colorado, I couldn’t help but notice that your scheduled tour of the vast Earth isn’t planning a stop in my fair city. I believe that should change, and here’s why:



TRR Violates Royalty Rights (Whoops!)


I thought TRR was pretty awesome and unique because it’s one of the few radio shows around that play full-length albums. Well apparently TRR isn’t so awesome, I’ve just been violating royalty rights the whole time. All the other radio stations just happen to know and follow the rules. I just found out from the management at Party 934 that I can’t play more than two songs by the same artist during my weekly radio hour. Whoops!

Now I’m not one to argue with like, you know, the law and stuff, so I guess the Dude will have to abide. I’m all about artist’s earning their due royalties, so I’m modifying TRR a bit to suit the regulations of Internet Radio. I’ve sadly had to delete my favorite show series, “The Vinyl Revival.” I guess we can’t revive LP records in this day and age (except new vinyl record sales have seen quite the resurgence in sales lately). I also combined the “Interview Series” with “Conversations In Music.” With the addition of two new “variety” focused series, “Mixed Brew” and “Fresh Spin,” here is how you’ll hear shows from now on:


Understanding Rap

Best Rapper Ever

If you couldn’t tell by the tunes we jam to on the show or the artists we talk about on the blog, I’m not a big fan of Rap. Maybe I don’t like the Rap genre because I just don’t understand it. Thanks to a friendly reader and listener, I was provided with the tools necessary to understand Hip-Hop. As a visual learner, I found these below graphs very helpful in deciphering some very important Rap songs:

Rap 1 (more…)

The Gift Of Awesome

2 for 1

Tell me Planet Earth, what do we like? We like to save our hard earned dough and get deals. Being the cheapest person ever, I hear that loud and clear. So I thought I’d propose a deal to you, my listening and reading friends, with TRR’s very own 2 for 1.

I can’t save you money, because you can jam to these killer tunes for the price of on the  house. What I can do, is give you something more valuable: The Gift of Awesome.

What’s more awesome then getting some quality airtime and jamming to great tunes? Nothing, that’s what. So here’s the deal:

You follow my blog (1) and get one more person to follow the blog (2), then I’ll hook you up with a song of your choice on the TRR radio hour. I’ll even give you a shout-out over the airwaves to thank you for your support of this blog and weekly radio show, so you can be heard throughout the entire planet. Pretty cool, huh?


Show #4 Alert!

Hear yee, hear yee, thy showeth with the mosteth hath live this morrow!

Enough of that. We’ve got a killer show in the works for tomorrow morning.

Tune your dial to 94.9FM if you happen to be in The Hudson Valley.

If you’re in the rest of the vast planet, head over to and get ready to rock.

‘You can also jam through iTunes radio, by selecting the  “eclectic” genre and then Party 934.

If you can’t tune in at 11 eastern, 10 central, 9 mountain, or 8 pacific, fear not!

I’ll be posting an in-depth breakdown of the show with the streaming and download links later in the afternoon.

It’ll be a whole new type of show, with a new series called, “The Vinyl Revival.” Oh, new stuff, cooooooool.

Well then, Planet Earth, until tomorrow…

Listener Comments: “Guitar Gods”

Over here at The Rock Renaissance, we listen to your opinions, thoughts, questions, comments, suggestions, bad jokes, childhood stories, etc. This isn’t like talking to a man during a football game, this is a radio show and blog meant to instigate a conversation and an intellectual approach to music. Wow, that came off scholarly. Tricky smarts. Boom.

Thankfully, you listened, and on show #1, we’ve got some great comments worth addressing.

The first comment is a list of guitar gods suggested by Steve. I’ll break them down one by one.


In The Beginning

Welcome to The Rock Renaissance! Time for a quick history lesson:

In the beginning, there was man. Through a collection of genius achievements, man created impressive technological feats such as the wheel, the lightbulb, and the burrito.

As man progressed into the information age, certain sects broke off into their own cultural groups. There was the cool man, the athletic man, and the nerdy man. The latter did not have a voice amongst the stronger men, so being the smart man that he was, the nerd created his template for speaking: The Blog.

There you have it, thanks history for being so damn informative. Welcome to The Rock Renaissance, my nerdy voice amongst the vast blogosphere. Let’s get down to brass-tax and answer the question, “What is The Rock Renaissance?”