Jam of the Week: Michael Kiwanuka

Artist: Michael Kiwanuka

Album: Love & Hate

Genre: Singer-Songwriter (Modern)

Date: 2016

Sound: A sprawling and soulful sophomore release



Jam of the Week: Fuzz


Artist: Fuzz

Album: Fuzz II

Genre: Garage Rock (Modern)

Date: 2015

Sound: Ty Segall at his absolute loudest


Jam of the Week: White Lung

white lung

Artist: White Lung

Album: Deep Fantasy

Genre: Punk (Modern)

Date: 2014

Sound: An unrelenting 22 minute assault of fury


Show #60: Less Talk & More Rock


You know what, Earth? I got to thinking. About life, music, and the pursuit of rockiness. I decided that sometimes, you’ve got to listen to music a little bit differently. So this week, we dropped the singers and went instrumental. Oh yeah. Too many genres have awesome instrumental bands, so I focused solely on one genre: Post-Rock. Turns out, even without a singer, you can rock out pretty heavy. Don’t believe me? Click that link below and crank up the old speaks. I prove my point. Well, technically I will prove my point after you listen to the show.


Jam of the Week: The Warlocks


Artist: The Warlocks

Album: Skull Worship

Genre: Psychedelic Rock (Modern)

Date: 2013

Sound: Trippy tunes turned up to 11


Show #31: Summer Bright


Summer is just around the corner, so I grabbed a summer beer for the mixed brew this week. Unfortunately, I wasn’t clever enough to think of a cool summer playlists. However, I did base it on the Jam of the Week, and must say, solid jamtastic Rock ‘N’ Roll was to be had. If you dig killer guitar, you’ll like this mixed brew. If you dig beer, summer, and killer guitar, well then you’ll really be having a party.


Jam of the Week: Savages



Jam of the Week

Artist: Savages

Album: Silence Yourself

Genre: Garage Rock (Modern)

Date: 2013

Sound: Modern New Wave


Show #26: Very Blue


We’re finally getting our Jazz hands (or fingers, I can never remember) going this week with a lot of focus on Miles Davis and his masterpiece album, Kind of Blue. Since we can only jam to two Miles Davis tracks (damn you radio royalty rights), we also got all Jazzy over two of his collaborators on the album, Cannonball Adderly and John Coltrane. Even if you aren’t into Jazz, you might like the show this week. Modal Jazz is easy to listen to and will trick people into thinking you’re a smart intellectual. Just don’t blame me if you start hanging out at coffee shops and joining in on poetry readings.


Jam of the Week: Miles Davis


Jam of the Week

Artist: Miles Davis

Album: Kind of Blue

Genre: Jazz

Date: 1959

Sound: Modal Jazz (just to drop some extra music knowledge in order to sound smart)


Jam of the Week: The Rolling Stones


Jam of the Week

Artist: The Rolling Stones

Album: Let It Bleed

Genre: British Invasion

Date: 1969

Sound: Um, Legendary