Show #60: Less Talk & More Rock


You know what, Earth? I got to thinking. About life, music, and the pursuit of rockiness. I decided that sometimes, you’ve got to listen to music a little bit differently. So this week, we dropped the singers and went instrumental. Oh yeah. Too many genres have awesome instrumental bands, so I focused solely on one genre: Post-Rock. Turns out, even without a singer, you can rock out pretty heavy. Don’t believe me? Click that link below and crank up the old speaks. I prove my point. Well, technically I will prove my point after you listen to the show.



Jam of the Week: Lost in the Trees


Artist: Lost in the Trees

Album: Past Life

Genre: Indie Rock

Date: 2014 (new!)

Sound: Haunting Indie Rock (spooky!)


Show #36: An Alternative To Rock


In honor of cruising to Boston today, I thought we’d kick of the JOTH with some Pixies, my favorite from the fair city. That got me thinking about how the Pixies were one of the forefathers of Alternative Rock in the late 80’s and early 90’s. So were a bunch of other epic bands, hence the killer playlist. If you’re wondering why I left out a lot of 90’s rockers, it’s because I deem them fit for subgenres such as Grunge and Hard Rock. The rest of the jams on the show are all Alternative, so crank up your speakers and let’s get some 90’s throwback. Too soon. Way too soon for 90’s throwback. We’re not that old yet, are we?


Jam of the Week: Savages



Jam of the Week

Artist: Savages

Album: Silence Yourself

Genre: Garage Rock (Modern)

Date: 2013

Sound: Modern New Wave


Jam of the Week: Miles Davis


Jam of the Week

Artist: Miles Davis

Album: Kind of Blue

Genre: Jazz

Date: 1959

Sound: Modal Jazz (just to drop some extra music knowledge in order to sound smart)


Jam of the Week: Jackson Browne


Jam of the Week

Artist: Jackson Browne

Album: For Everyman

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Date: 1973

Sound: Classic 70’s Mellow Rock


Show #22: Hot Off The Press


Time to rock a new series here on TRR called “Fresh Spin.” Though you may think I’m trying to sell you Tide (product placement, send me money please Tide people), I’m actually talking about spinning some fresh tunes. Fresher than the Fresh Prince, if that’s even possible. 


TRR Violates Royalty Rights (Whoops!)


I thought TRR was pretty awesome and unique because it’s one of the few radio shows around that play full-length albums. Well apparently TRR isn’t so awesome, I’ve just been violating royalty rights the whole time. All the other radio stations just happen to know and follow the rules. I just found out from the management at Party 934 that I can’t play more than two songs by the same artist during my weekly radio hour. Whoops!

Now I’m not one to argue with like, you know, the law and stuff, so I guess the Dude will have to abide. I’m all about artist’s earning their due royalties, so I’m modifying TRR a bit to suit the regulations of Internet Radio. I’ve sadly had to delete my favorite show series, “The Vinyl Revival.” I guess we can’t revive LP records in this day and age (except new vinyl record sales have seen quite the resurgence in sales lately). I also combined the “Interview Series” with “Conversations In Music.” With the addition of two new “variety” focused series, “Mixed Brew” and “Fresh Spin,” here is how you’ll hear shows from now on:


Sigur Rós Show Review


Venue: 1stBank Center 

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Date: 04/06/13

Inebriation Level: Soberish

When my friend Wes first introduced me to Sigur Rós back in college, I thought I was the coolest guy ever for jamming to some crazy dudes that spoke Icelandic. Then I went to a near sold-out show at the 1stBank Center in the ‘burbs last Saturday and realized I’m not very cool. I have this realization quite a bit.

I’d been wanting to catch the band for years after hearing their shows were like nothing else out there. Considering their music is so uniquely awesome, it was an easy buy when the tickets went on sale about five months ago. And to think teachers used to tell me I procrastinate.


Jam of the Week: Sigur Rós

( )

Jam of the Week

Artist: Sigur Rós

Album: ( )

Genre: Space Rock

Date: 2002 (Old School!)

Sound: Ambient + Spacey = Bitchin’