Chasing Ghosts: The Search For Answers On The Mississippi Blues Trail


I was in the middle of nowhere. I drove an hour south of Memphis, down a maze of directions I had to hunt for online. I didn’t know if they were correct, but I had a mission in mind. It didn’t make any sense, but I just kept driving. I passed confederate flags waving proudly in front of ramshackle houses. I went up and down rolling hills that reminded me of southern Indiana by my alma mater. I crept by a sea of green on both sides of the road, with foliage covering every inch of the ground and creeping up the trunks of the trees. Then I turned on Kimbrough Chapel drive and felt a rush of excitement. It was like I found my place on a treasure map and the trunk full of gold was just ahead.



Show #44: Just A Little Spoonful


So I initially decided to do some more Blues traveling like we did on our third TRR show (throwback). I was going to start off with our Jam of the Week, Charley Patton, The King of the Delta Blues. My favorite song of his, and actually one of my all-time favorites, is “A Spoonful Blues.” I tossed in some great covers of that song, new iterations, alternate versions, and then the hour was up. So today is a special show where we jam out to…one song. I know it sounds crazy and lazy, but give this show a gander and try listening to “Spoonful” with an open mind.