Chasing Ghosts: The Search For Answers On The Mississippi Blues Trail


I was in the middle of nowhere. I drove an hour south of Memphis, down a maze of directions I had to hunt for online. I didn’t know if they were correct, but I had a mission in mind. It didn’t make any sense, but I just kept driving. I passed confederate flags waving proudly in front of ramshackle houses. I went up and down rolling hills that reminded me of southern Indiana by my alma mater. I crept by a sea of green on both sides of the road, with foliage covering every inch of the ground and creeping up the trunks of the trees. Then I turned on Kimbrough Chapel drive and felt a rush of excitement. It was like I found my place on a treasure map and the trunk full of gold was just ahead.



Show #57: Slowhand


Some people need no introduction, and that includes Eric Clapton, the man known as “slowhand.” Everyone talks about his mad guitar skills, but few realize that he’s been shredding his ax in more bands than anyone else. Maybe that’s why he’s the only dude to ever win three inductions into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Three times a charm or whatever they say. So sit back, relax, and listen to slowhand evolve through the ages of Rock awesomeness.


Show #52: Magic Hat


Woo-ee, I tell you what Earth. The Mixed Brew today sure was one crazy mix. It was all over the place, yet somehow magically tied together in an epically awesome way. We have Magic Hat brewskies to thank for that, the inspiration behind this mixed brew. See, magic does happen when you drink beer, not just bad decisions, foggy memories, and injuries.


Jam of the Week: Charley Patton


Artist: Charley Patton

Album: The Definitive Charley Patton

Genre: Delta Blues

Date: 1929-1934

Sound: The Father of the Delta Blues


Show #16: Rockin’ Riffs (Part 2)


I know I’m a week late, but I finally have the show posting from last week. The ol’ radio station had some difficulty getting me the streaming and download links for some reasons. When in doubt, blame someone else. Also, it’s good to blame technology. These are words of wisdom, so write them down. We’ll only be behind on the show postings for one week, as I’ll be taking Wednesday the 20th off for Spring Break. Wooooo, Spring Break, partaaay! 

More riffs because they’re cool. Loud guitar badassery (new favorite word) is what makes a killer Rock song. I’ve got some of mine, some of yours, and what I deem to be the best riff of all time. It’s getting loud around TRR headquarters (my computer). 


Show #1: Guitar Gods

It was an epic day on the radio, as traffic stopped, schools closed, and computer servers went haywire as everyone around the globe tuned in for inaugural radio show of The Rock Renaissance. Well, maybe that’s stretching it a bit. Let’s just say a few people stopped by, but for the rest of you, I’ve got all you need right here on the blog.

The show was part of the Rock History 101 series entitled “Guitar Gods.” I wanted to focus on some of the obvious guitar heroes of ancient rock lore as well as a few lesser knowns.  Here’s the playlist with some info on these guitar greats: