Show #58: The Best Of 2013 (Part 1)


It’s time to jam out to the best tuneskies of 2013. I’ll go through all the lists I posted yesterday and begin to tackle the top 13 albums of 2013. We’ll finish it up on the next show, but we’ve got some good tunes going down right about now. Well, click the link to make the tunes start right now.



The Best Music of 2013

It was a rocking year for tunes, let me tell you Earth. Like all music nerds, I’m all about the year end lists. I don’t do a top songs list, because I’m an album man. Old school, what can I say. I’m not just doing the top 13 albums of 2013 though, we’ve got lots more going on than that. It’s time for some wild retrospective time, right…about…now.


Show #22: Hot Off The Press


Time to rock a new series here on TRR called “Fresh Spin.” Though you may think I’m trying to sell you Tide (product placement, send me money please Tide people), I’m actually talking about spinning some fresh tunes. Fresher than the Fresh Prince, if that’s even possible. 


Jam of the Week: Foals


Jam of the Week

Artist: Foals

Album: Holy Fire

Genre: Indie Rock

Date: 2013 (New!)

Sound: Indie Rock, done loud and proud