Gentle Groove: The Hidden History of Grunge in the Modern City

Central Saloon

We wound down the hills of Queen Anne, one of the many ritzy districts in the thriving Seattle metropolis. With the water in the distance and the incredibly steep streets, it felt like we were in San Francisco. Past the buzz of a busy city on a Tuesday, we ended up in Belltown, the most densely populated area of the city. We pulled into a graffiti covered alley and hopped out of the car.

However this wasn’t graffiti like you’d see on the wrong side of the tracks, rather this looked like some sort of artsy hipster scene. We walked up to the elaborate and ornate alley entrance to Black Dog Forge, a blacksmith shop that’s been in operation for a quarter century. Fittingly, two black dogs walked out and greeted us, along with the sounds of machinery and metalwork emanating from inside.



Jam of the Week: Mother Love Bone

Artist: Mother Love Bone

Album: On Earth As It Is

Genre: Grunge

Date: 2016

Sound: Box set covering their entire short-lived career


Jam of the Week: Temple of the Dog

Artist: Temple of the Dog

Album: Temple of the Dog

Genre: Grunge

Date: 1991

Sound: A deluxe reboot of the ultimate tribute album


Jam of the Week: Nirvana


Artist: Nirvana

Album: In Utero

Genre: Grunge

Date: 1993

Sound: The Wild Mind of Kurt Cobain