RIP Johnny Winter


Well CNN just gave some pretty lame-ass news. The legendary Texas Blues guitarist Johnny Winter passed away at the young age of 70.

If you don’t know who Johnny Winter is, let me bring you up to speed. Dude…f**king…rips. I mean, you hear this guy play and you wonder what other guitarists are going to do for a living. There’s no damn competition. I’m talking about lightning-fast Texas style slide Blues guitar faster than you can even comprehend.



Show #31: Summer Bright


Summer is just around the corner, so I grabbed a summer beer for the mixed brew this week. Unfortunately, I wasn’t clever enough to think of a cool summer playlists. However, I did base it on the Jam of the Week, and must say, solid jamtastic Rock ‘N’ Roll was to be had. If you dig killer guitar, you’ll like this mixed brew. If you dig beer, summer, and killer guitar, well then you’ll really be having a party.


Jam of the Week: Frank Zappa


Jam of the Week

Artist: Frank Zappa

Album: Hot Rats

Genre: Art Rock (US)

Date: 1969

Sound: Instrumental Jazz Rock


Show #15: Rockin’ Riffs (Part 1)


The riff is where it’s at. The guitar line that defines the song has created some legendary jams over the years. Today, we starting rocking through a few of the best riffs of all time. Listen to the show and see if you can identify each song based on the riff alone. I had so many killer tuneskies going on that I needed to break the show up into two parts. So next week, I’ll need your help figuring out some more classic riffs. I left out a few on purpose, but I still have plenty of room for more. Listen to the show and tell me what ones I’m missing, because sharing is caring.