Show #40: Woodstock Rocks (Part 3)


Again? Yup. Part 3 of 4 is picking up right where we left off with The Who all the way through Country Joe and the Fish. Lots of extended jams, air guitar, and hippie dancing of course.



Show #39: Woodstock Rocks (Part 2)


Sorry for the delay in posting the show, but I was a wee bit busy at work yesterday. I know what you’re thinking, “He works?” Rarely, very rarely. Anywho, I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I did anyway. I extended our Woodstock extravaganza to four shows and still have tons of tunes I wish I could play. So on second thought, yeah, I should have extended this bad boy to four shows. Woodstock’s pretty epic. After jamming to this show, you’ll probably agree. It’s more like a hippie-ganza!


Show #38: Woodstock Rocks (Part 1)


Woodstock was pretty awesome. The ginormous festival featured 33 hippie-lovin’ bands spanned over three epic days. I originally was just going to do one Woodstock show, but the playlist grew in awesomeness, and now we’re looking at three shows. Hey, they billed it as three days of peace and music, so we’ll do three shows as well. That means you need to be peaceful for the next three weeks, and make sure you jam to lots of tunes. Drum circles in the park and hemp clothing are permissible, but only during the next three weeks. 


Jam of the Week: Woodstock


Artist: Soundtrack

Album: Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More

Genre: Alternative

Date: 1970

Sound: Some of the greatest bands of all time, no joke


Jam of the Week: Foxygen


Jam of the Week

Artist: Foxygen

Album: We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

Genre: Psychedelic Rock (Modern)

Date: 2013 (new!)

Sound: Hippie love in music form


Show #2: Jamming

Thanks to all of you folks that tuned into the show and the blog over the past week. Hope you had as much fun jamming to the tunes on the inaugural show as I did. Speaking of, the show today was very originally titled “Jamming.”

The show was part of the Shut Up And Play series, and was a whole lot of, um, you know, jamming. I’m not a Dead Head and I’ve never been to a Phish show, so my knowledge of the Jam genre is pretty weak. I decided to spin some tunes from the Jam genre, but also wanted to explore the concept of jamming. We had some studio jamming, some live jamming, songs boldly titled jamming, and some crazy experimental jamming. Check it out: