Jam of the Week: TV on the Radio


Jam of the Week

Artist: TV on the Radio

Album: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

Genre: Experimental

Date: 2004

Sound: Unique to TVOTR



Show #8: The Best of 2012


A new year … and a new show to grace your ears…

That’s right earth, it’s officially 2013, so it’s time to rock with the special two-hour show from last week where I recapped all the awesomeness of 2012. I know I’m a little late posting this bad boy, but I’m also a little lazy. Hey, at least I’m honest. 

In being a new year, I thought it was time to reassess the format of this blog. That’s right, all of the show links will be posted separately from blog posts for four reasons. 1: If you’re lazy, you can simply click the link without having to read stuff. 2: If you can’t read, you don’t have to worry about the shame of not comprehending long blog posts and failing at reading stuff. 3: I am attempting to make the blog stand on it’s own beyond just going in conjunction with the radio show, so you can then read more stuff if you so desire. 4: I can’t remember what else, but I think I was going to say “read stuff” again.

So then the grand idea is to have blog posts throughout the week with music related greatness, but every Wednesday, count on the show being posted in all its rocking glory. If I need to elaborate on the show with a separate blog post, get ready for that bad mother to drop like a bomb on Thursdays. That way, it’s quicker and easier to jam to the TRR radio hour, and therefore leading you on your way to being the coolest kid on the block.


Show #1: Guitar Gods

It was an epic day on the radio, as traffic stopped, schools closed, and computer servers went haywire as everyone around the globe tuned in for inaugural radio show of The Rock Renaissance. Well, maybe that’s stretching it a bit. Let’s just say a few people stopped by, but for the rest of you, I’ve got all you need right here on the blog.

The show was part of the Rock History 101 series entitled “Guitar Gods.” I wanted to focus on some of the obvious guitar heroes of ancient rock lore as well as a few lesser knowns.  Here’s the playlist with some info on these guitar greats: