Show #27: Girl Power


Keeping up with the theme this week was an estrogen-filled show that still rocked loud and proud. We kicked it off with all female bands, then female included duos, and finally female bandleaders. The criteria for the playlist was for current music only and no solo musicians or singer/songwriters. Came out pretty bitchin’ I must say, especially hearing The Loudest Chicks In Rock. Let the record show I’m kinda scared of those chicks.



Show #23: Dry Dock


We jammed to a new series once again with “Mixed Brew,” my attempt at delivering the ultimate in variety (since I do broadcast on a freeform radio station after all). Here’s how it works: I crack a brew (this week a tasty Dry Dock Brewing Co can), start with the Jam of the Week (The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed) and see where it goes from there. The playlist ended up being pretty solid, just like my brew, which works out pretty well. If you ever wondered how iTunes shuffles your tunes, it’s a robot inside the computer drinking a beer. Fact.


Jam of the Week: TV on the Radio


Jam of the Week

Artist: TV on the Radio

Album: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

Genre: Experimental

Date: 2004

Sound: Unique to TVOTR


Jam of the Week: King Tuff


I’m always jamming to good tunes. How else would I know what to play on the show? Maybe I can start calling it “research” or something.

I figured I should probably share these tuneskies with my pals across the great Planet Earth. Some of the stuff is new, some of the stuff is old school, some of the stuff you’ve heard of before, some of the stuff is obscure. Either way, all of the stuff has passed an intense pre-qualification process to ensure awesomeness.

So each week, I’ll give you a great album as the “jam of the week.” Well, it may not be every week, since I’ll probably forget here and there, but I like to keep my goals lofty (like my bball hops). I’ll give you some info and a video clip to check the tunes out. Then head over to your local record store, iTunes, Spotify, or wherever, and then start jamming like a boss.


Show #8: The Best of 2012


A new year … and a new show to grace your ears…

That’s right earth, it’s officially 2013, so it’s time to rock with the special two-hour show from last week where I recapped all the awesomeness of 2012. I know I’m a little late posting this bad boy, but I’m also a little lazy. Hey, at least I’m honest. 

In being a new year, I thought it was time to reassess the format of this blog. That’s right, all of the show links will be posted separately from blog posts for four reasons. 1: If you’re lazy, you can simply click the link without having to read stuff. 2: If you can’t read, you don’t have to worry about the shame of not comprehending long blog posts and failing at reading stuff. 3: I am attempting to make the blog stand on it’s own beyond just going in conjunction with the radio show, so you can then read more stuff if you so desire. 4: I can’t remember what else, but I think I was going to say “read stuff” again.

So then the grand idea is to have blog posts throughout the week with music related greatness, but every Wednesday, count on the show being posted in all its rocking glory. If I need to elaborate on the show with a separate blog post, get ready for that bad mother to drop like a bomb on Thursdays. That way, it’s quicker and easier to jam to the TRR radio hour, and therefore leading you on your way to being the coolest kid on the block.


Show #5: The CD Turns The Dirty 30


Since this is the first show that’s part of the “Conversations in Music” series, I thought I’d try a new method of  posting the show by laying out an edited transcript of the full show, with some other added goodies as well. Let me know what you think!

Good morning, good morning, vast Planet Earth. Thanks so much for joining me on The Rock Renaissance for the next hour here at Party 934 and 94.9 FM in the Hudson Valley. I’m glad you’re here, because the show today is a great one. We’re finally goin gto venture into the series of “Conversations in Music,” the intellectual crux of this program. That means we’re going to chat a little bit, about some serious business in the musical world. What exactly is so serious today? I’ll let you know once this killer jam is up.

  • The Heavy – “How You Like Me Now?” – (2009)

That was one of my current jams, a Neo-Funk band named The Heavy, with their best-known song, “How You Like Me Now?” It has absolutely nothing to do with the show at all, I just felt like playing it. That’s how I roll, Earth.


Show #4: Dark Side of the Moon

Now that’s what I call a show! Have you ever heard an album played in full without any commercial interruptions on the radio before? The show today introduced a new series called The Vinyl Revival where we get to jam to full albums instead of mixes of songs. New! Nifty! Neato!

Like I said on the show, up to this point, I’ve been a bit hypocritical. I talk about how great it is to listen to full albums versus shuffling mixes, but never play albums on the show. Until now. Insert ta-da! music here.

To recap, the vinyl record was once the main form of delivering music. Because of the limitations of the medium, listeners didn’t have the ability to skip through thousands of songs. With technology advancing beyond records, reel to reels, cassette tapes, and CD’s, we now have a different way of listening to music. A large collection in iTunes or music streamed from Spotify gives the listener thousands of options, thus making the album obsolete.


Show #4 Alert!

Hear yee, hear yee, thy showeth with the mosteth hath live this morrow!

Enough of that. We’ve got a killer show in the works for tomorrow morning.

Tune your dial to 94.9FM if you happen to be in The Hudson Valley.

If you’re in the rest of the vast planet, head over to and get ready to rock.

‘You can also jam through iTunes radio, by selecting the  “eclectic” genre and then Party 934.

If you can’t tune in at 11 eastern, 10 central, 9 mountain, or 8 pacific, fear not!

I’ll be posting an in-depth breakdown of the show with the streaming and download links later in the afternoon.

It’ll be a whole new type of show, with a new series called, “The Vinyl Revival.” Oh, new stuff, cooooooool.

Well then, Planet Earth, until tomorrow…