Top Ten Bands That Skipped Woodstock


Woodstock was epic. Fact. Some of the best bands of the 60’s came, saw, and conquered the sea of dancing hippies. Yet many music fans aren’t aware of all the bands that could have rocked Woodstock, but instead chose to skip or happened to miss out on the greatest rock festival of all time. Who are they and why did they skip out? Allow me to present my handy dandy list below, in order of potential awesomeness.



Show #35: Just A Couple Of Bros


The show started out with Simon and Garfunkel, which really got me thinking about bromances in music. Soon enough, a rockin’ playlist ensued. I’m sorry, I had to skip Hall and Oats, but just remember that radtacular mustache and you’ll be good. 


Jam of the Week: The Beatles


Jam of the Week

Artist: The Beatles

Album: With The Beatles

Genre: British Invasion

Date: 1963

Sound: The Greatest Band of All Time


Show #17: The Quiet Beatle


How has TRR gone this long without rocking to any Beatles? That right there is what they call failing. Well it’s time to turn things around, because today is all about The Beatles. Well, one Beatle in particular: The Quiet Beatle.

George Harrison was anything but quiet, which you’ll notice after hearing his killer Beatles tunes. Lennon and McCartney usually allowed him an average of one or two songs per album, and he sure didn’t disappoint. I think some of the best Beatles songs were Harrison songs, but hey, you tell me what you think, because thinking thoughts is a good thing (or so I’ve been told anyway).


Show #7: Tis The Season


Ho ho ho! Boy did we have a fun-filled and festive show this morning.

I know it’s a festive time right now. Hanukkah just ended a few days ago and we have Christmas next week. But the reason I wanted to play a festive show today is in response to something else.

You see Planet Earth, tis the season for gift giving, so I’ve been out and about doing my Santa thing. And not even 10 seconds in a store reminds me why I usually shop online. No it’s not the crowds, the strollers, or the checkout lines, though those bug me too. It’s the Christmas music. I hate Christmas music. I hate it so much it’s literally one of my pet peeves.