The Best Music of 2015


Another year down, another list of tunes. There was a lot of good stuff out there, really a wide variety of awesomeness. Tell grandma that all music today isn’t bad, you just need to know where to look. Consider this your road map to jamtastic awesomeness from the fine year of 2015.



Neil Young Show Review

Neil Young, before he got really pissed off at Starbucks

Venue: Red Rocks Amphitheater

Location: Morrison, Colorado

Date: 07/09/15

Inebriation Level: Tasty Buzz

So seeing The Rolling Stones was number one on my list. Yet it just so happened that number two on my list was making his way to Red Rocks a couple of weeks after. Figured if I’d gone this far, no use turning around again. So I decided to bite the bullet and see Neil Young as he played a two night stint at the iconic venue in Morrison, Colorado.

My usual concert confidant Aaron and I snagged up some tickets for his second show on Thursday and I realized why I missed him on his last tour to Red Rocks. Dude was expensive. Of all the concerts I’ve been to at Red Rocks this was the most expensive one by like triple. I thought hippies didn’t believe in money?


Show #48: Old Dudes Party Too


The new Pearl Jam album got me thinking about old dudes and how sometimes they keep partying into their elder years. Look at the Stones. They look like they should be in nursing homes…yet they party harder than all those young whipper snappers out there. These aren’t necessarily comeback albums, just recent (within the last decade) releases coming from bands that emerged many years before. Some are awesome and some are just an excuse to go out and party. Man,  you just can’t tame these old dudes (example: Keith Richards).


Show #24: The Mellow Mafia


After reading a Rolling Stone (product placement, pay me please) article the other day about a group of session and backing musicians called “The Section” or “The Mellow Mafia,” I decided it was time to get mellow. They were behind some very important and hugely successful musicians, all part of a new wave of singer/songwriters to come out of LA in the 70’s. So today we mellowed out, but of course still rocked out to some legends, and learned a little bit along the way. Remember kids, learning is fun, so stay in school. Also make sure to eat your vitamins.


Show #9: The Godfather


You know who’s awesome? Neil Young. So awesome he gets a whole hour of his killer jams on the first ever artist showcase. He’s one of the best songwriters of the 70’s, a master of acoustic Americana, been called the “Godfather of Grunge,” and has more hits than that one game where you hit moles with a mallet. ‘Nuff said right there.


Show #1: Guitar Gods

It was an epic day on the radio, as traffic stopped, schools closed, and computer servers went haywire as everyone around the globe tuned in for inaugural radio show of The Rock Renaissance. Well, maybe that’s stretching it a bit. Let’s just say a few people stopped by, but for the rest of you, I’ve got all you need right here on the blog.

The show was part of the Rock History 101 series entitled “Guitar Gods.” I wanted to focus on some of the obvious guitar heroes of ancient rock lore as well as a few lesser knowns.  Here’s the playlist with some info on these guitar greats: