Gentle Groove: The Hidden History of Grunge in the Modern City

Central Saloon

We wound down the hills of Queen Anne, one of the many ritzy districts in the thriving Seattle metropolis. With the water in the distance and the incredibly steep streets, it felt like we were in San Francisco. Past the buzz of a busy city on a Tuesday, we ended up in Belltown, the most densely populated area of the city. We pulled into a graffiti covered alley and hopped out of the car.

However this wasn’t graffiti like you’d see on the wrong side of the tracks, rather this looked like some sort of artsy hipster scene. We walked up to the elaborate and ornate alley entrance to Black Dog Forge, a blacksmith shop that’s been in operation for a quarter century. Fittingly, two black dogs walked out and greeted us, along with the sounds of machinery and metalwork emanating from inside.



Show #56: Alone Again Or


After some jamming out to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska this week, I thought I’d focus on the stripped-down basics of music. If you remove all the complexities and over production, you get to the core of the tuneskies. Just a musician and their instrument, nothing else. Only then can you really hear what makes a song great, with the emotion and honesty that a great musician can communicate. So let’s mellow out for the next hour and listen to some great musicians delivering killer jams in their rawest form.


Show #55: Big Sellers


In honor of the spending season I thought I’d take a gander at some of the best selling albums of all time. To my surprise, they weren’t all terrible Top 40 Pop albums (though many were). So jam out to the very diverse playlist as we count up from 25 million copy sellers all the way up to the second highest selling album of all time with 45 million copies. I’m no math whiz, but if my calculations are correct, 45 million is a lot.


Show #45: The 27 Club


In honor of Nirvana’s In Utero hitting the 20 year mark, I spent the week focusing on the members of the 27 club. As I listed the top ten musicians that died at age 27, I thought it was prime time to jam to their tunes yesterday. So here you have in all its glory a collection of fine musicians that left us far too young. 


Remembering The 27 Club


Being in a club is usually pretty cool. It’s like that exclusive thing, and once you’re in, you’ve got it going on. Have you ever rolled up to a place, then the bouncer looks at a list and lets you in? Me neither.

The 27 Club, however, is a pretty crappy club to be a part of. It’s the collection of many amazing musicians that have all died at the age of 27. Being that I turn 27 today, I got to thinking about 10 musicians that left us way too damn early.


Jam of the Week: Nirvana


Artist: Nirvana

Album: In Utero

Genre: Grunge

Date: 1993

Sound: The Wild Mind of Kurt Cobain


Show #36: An Alternative To Rock


In honor of cruising to Boston today, I thought we’d kick of the JOTH with some Pixies, my favorite from the fair city. That got me thinking about how the Pixies were one of the forefathers of Alternative Rock in the late 80’s and early 90’s. So were a bunch of other epic bands, hence the killer playlist. If you’re wondering why I left out a lot of 90’s rockers, it’s because I deem them fit for subgenres such as Grunge and Hard Rock. The rest of the jams on the show are all Alternative, so crank up your speakers and let’s get some 90’s throwback. Too soon. Way too soon for 90’s throwback. We’re not that old yet, are we?


Jam of the Week: Pixies

Artist: Pixies

Album: Doolittle

Genre: Alternative

Date: 1989

Sound: Groundbreaking & Unique Alternative Rock


Show #5: The CD Turns The Dirty 30


Since this is the first show that’s part of the “Conversations in Music” series, I thought I’d try a new method of  posting the show by laying out an edited transcript of the full show, with some other added goodies as well. Let me know what you think!

Good morning, good morning, vast Planet Earth. Thanks so much for joining me on The Rock Renaissance for the next hour here at Party 934 and 94.9 FM in the Hudson Valley. I’m glad you’re here, because the show today is a great one. We’re finally goin gto venture into the series of “Conversations in Music,” the intellectual crux of this program. That means we’re going to chat a little bit, about some serious business in the musical world. What exactly is so serious today? I’ll let you know once this killer jam is up.

  • The Heavy – “How You Like Me Now?” – (2009)

That was one of my current jams, a Neo-Funk band named The Heavy, with their best-known song, “How You Like Me Now?” It has absolutely nothing to do with the show at all, I just felt like playing it. That’s how I roll, Earth.