Show #35: Just A Couple Of Bros


The show started out with Simon and Garfunkel, which really got me thinking about bromances in music. Soon enough, a rockin’ playlist ensued. I’m sorry, I had to skip Hall and Oats, but just remember that radtacular mustache and you’ll be good. 



Jam of the Week: The Beatles


Jam of the Week

Artist: The Beatles

Album: With The Beatles

Genre: British Invasion

Date: 1963

Sound: The Greatest Band of All Time


Hendrix/Davis/McCartney Supergroup?


There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the most epic of all supergroups that would have included:

Jimi Hendrix (Greatest guitarist of all time)

Miles Davis (Most well-known Jazz musician ever)

Paul McCartney (He was a Beatle, that’s all the cred he needs)

Tony Williams (Jazz drummer, dude’s legit, trust me)


Dark Side of the Moon, 40 Years Later


In honor of the Dark Side of the Moon show we did awhile back, here is something a listener sent over my way, reblogged from here. Sharing is fun!

Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side’: 40 Years Later, 40 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Mad Classic

Sure, like everybody else, you’ve listened to Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon so many times that you can recite not just every line but every heartbeat, clock tick, and cash register ring by heart. But how much do you really know about the landmark prog classic, which is celebrating its 40thanniversary this month?

To celebrate the 40 years we’ve been listening to what is arguably the preeminent rock album of the 1970s, here are 40 things you ought to know about Dark Side. Because lunacy breeds albums about lunacy, and albums about lunacy breed lunatic obsessions with album trivia. Let’s start with that iconic cover art, shall we?