Black Mountain Show Review


Venue: Larimer Lounge

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 05/07/16

Inebriation Level: Buzzed (I may have woken up hungover that day)

The year was sometime in college. I was staying at my parent’s in boring I mean beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado for the summer. I went to the cultural hub of the city, which was the library (good for you Castle Rock). Back then, I would borrow CDs and burn them, the precursor to illegally downloading music. Aren’t I such a respectable music nerd? I was trying to complete my Black Sabbath collection, mainly because they’re really awesome, and in the ‘B’ section I picked up a CD with a mountain on it that said “Black Mountain” on the cover. It turned out to be their just released self-titled debut album. I figured I’d give it a try and threw it on the speakers later that day. The rest is history. Why do I remember that, yet still have to think for about four seconds anytime someone asks me my age? No idea.

They released a deluxe 10 year anniversary reissue of their debut back in 2015, and I got my hands on it a couple of months ago. I wondered, what ever happened to Black Mountain? I’d always wanted to see them live and had been patiently waiting for a new release after a six year hiatus. I kind of thought they had broken up. Then, just like that, a two day stint in Denver and the new album IV. Ask and you shall receive. I would like to ask for a million dollars. Worth a try, right?



Jam of the Week: All Them Witches

Artist: All Them Witches

Album: Dying Surfer Meets Its Maker

Genre: Psychedelic Rock (Modern)

Date: 2015

Sound: Psychedelic and bluesy awesomeness


Jam of the Week: Ty Segall


Artist: Ty Segall

Album: Emotional Mugger

Genre: Garage Rock (Modern)

Date: 2016

Sound: Ty Segall gets experimental


Billy Joel Show Review


Venue: Pepsi Center

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 09/16/15

Inebriation Level: Too Sober For Comfort

For some reason, when I was a kid, the very first bands I jammed to were The Beatles and Billy Joel. I still have those cassette tapes (damn I feel old) in a box somewhere. My Dad was a huge Beatles fan, so that made sense. No idea where the Billy Joel thing came from, but Hell, I figured it was about time to see him live.

The Piano Man wasn’t on the top of my list like The Rolling Stones or Neil Young, but I’d heard rave reviews about his shows. I wasn’t expecting one of those epic jam kind of shows, but one of those play all the hits kind of shows.


The Rolling Stones Show Review

Someone else took this picture who had way better seats than me

Venue: Arrowhead Stadium

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Date: 06/27/15

Inebriation Level: Too Full On Soul Food To Get Drunk

Number one on my list of shows was The Rolling Stones. I mean, we know Keith Richards will somehow live to be 100 with a careful mix of hard drugs and booze, but the rest of the guys are, well, old. I had to catch them while they’re still touring. Maybe I’ll look back at this 10 years from now, when they’re still rocking stadiums, and laugh at the immediacy of having to see them. But this time around, The Stones was a must.

The last time they toured in 2013, they skipped my fair city of Denver, CO for bigger markets. I wrote them an open letter imploring them to come out to the Mile High City, but alas, it was ignored. This time around, they skipped my fair city for smaller markets. So through the plains of Kansas it would be to finally see The Rolling Stones.


Tame Impala Show Review


Venue: Ogden Theatre

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 10/27/13

Inebriation Level: Sober (Doesn’t anyone around here work on Monday?!)

Allow me sum up the Tame Impala show in three short words: far…out…man.

The Psychedelic geniuses from Australia finally made their way to Denver and you better believe I wasn’t going to miss the show. After rocking Boulder on Saturday, they rolled into Denver on a Sunday, and a very tired music nerd and his special lady dragged themselves very uninspired-like to the Ogden Theatre (hey we’re old).

We got there too late to hear Austin’s White Denim open up the show, but were greeted by a sold-out packed house. We worked our way through the crowd to a halfway decent spot on the side of the stage, but I kept thinking, “Don’t any of you people work tomorrow?” Man, I really am an old man. Did I mention I had a strong desire to sit down during the show? Next step is yelling at the band to “turn that damn racket down!” Oh no, now I’m worried.


Gary Clark Jr Show Review


Venue: Ogden Theatre

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 10/11/13

Inebriation Level: Mini-Bottle Fueled Buzz

There is hope for the Blues and Gary Clark Jr just may be the answer. Let me back up a bit.

Gary Clark Jr is the Austin based guitar slinger making waves in the popular music realm with a smooth mix of many different genres. He’s not just a Blues guitarist, but he pays homage to the R&B greats of the past, still with a contemporary sound. Being a fan of the Austin scene, the Blues, and you know, music, I made sure to get tickets to his Denver show well in advance.


Sigur Rós Show Review


Venue: 1stBank Center 

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Date: 04/06/13

Inebriation Level: Soberish

When my friend Wes first introduced me to Sigur Rós back in college, I thought I was the coolest guy ever for jamming to some crazy dudes that spoke Icelandic. Then I went to a near sold-out show at the 1stBank Center in the ‘burbs last Saturday and realized I’m not very cool. I have this realization quite a bit.

I’d been wanting to catch the band for years after hearing their shows were like nothing else out there. Considering their music is so uniquely awesome, it was an easy buy when the tickets went on sale about five months ago. And to think teachers used to tell me I procrastinate.


Show #19: Hendrix, Lies & Money


After tackling the falsely advertised “new” Hendrix album, People, Hell & Angels, on the blog with a rocktacular review, I thought it would be only fitting to get our jam on as well. The show today talked about the new album in depth, cruised through the track list, and replaced some of the rarities on the new album with much better hidden Hendrix gems. If you’re digging the new Hendrix album, you’ll really dig this show. If you’re digging outside, you’re doing yard work. 


Review Throwback: Yeasayer: Fragrant World

More reviews from LxL, because music nerds love to review stuff.


Yeasayer – Fragrant World

Released: 08/21/12

When I first heard Yeasayer’s debut album, All Hour Cymbals, it quickly became my favorite of 2007.  The compelling melodies, the daring experimentation, and the combination of so many different styles of music made it completely mind-blowing.

Then came the follow-up album, Odd Blood, which showed the band turning the corner from world music exploration to electro pop. I found some light within the darkness with songs like “The Children,” but with such pitiful songs as “Ambling Amp,” I was ultimately disappointed.