Jam of the Week: Santana

Artist: Santana

Album: IV

Genre: San Francisco Psychedelia

Date: 2016

Sound: The original lineup reunited (say whaaaaat)



The Bossman Playlist


In preparation for our interview with Sugar Shack bossman Gary Feest tomorrow, I thought I’d drop some jams from the Shack. I had asked Gary (the boss) to send in some jams to supplement the interview on the show. He dropped 33 badass jams (minus Seal), and I quickly realized that an hour is only 60 minutes. I’m smart. We only will have room for a few on the show, but the jams will not go unheard. Instead, all you have to do is scroll down, click on the videos, and jam out like a boss. Now that’s what it’s like being the bossman. Me likie.


Top Ten Woodstock Performances


Yep, Woodstock was pretty epic. 400,000 pot smoking, bongo playing, crazy dancing hippies descended on Max Yasgur’s 600 acre farm to hear 32 bands amidst an air of peace and love. Sure some of the bands to this day are legendary, but it was a collection of crowning moments over the long weekend that defined how we view Woodstock, and some of these bands, today. Over 40 years later, the 1969 festival still stands as the greatest of all time, and here’s why: (more…)

Show #38: Woodstock Rocks (Part 1)


Woodstock was pretty awesome. The ginormous festival featured 33 hippie-lovin’ bands spanned over three epic days. I originally was just going to do one Woodstock show, but the playlist grew in awesomeness, and now we’re looking at three shows. Hey, they billed it as three days of peace and music, so we’ll do three shows as well. That means you need to be peaceful for the next three weeks, and make sure you jam to lots of tunes. Drum circles in the park and hemp clothing are permissible, but only during the next three weeks. 


Show #31: Summer Bright


Summer is just around the corner, so I grabbed a summer beer for the mixed brew this week. Unfortunately, I wasn’t clever enough to think of a cool summer playlists. However, I did base it on the Jam of the Week, and must say, solid jamtastic Rock ‘N’ Roll was to be had. If you dig killer guitar, you’ll like this mixed brew. If you dig beer, summer, and killer guitar, well then you’ll really be having a party.