Show #59: The Best Of 2013 (Part 2)


Well I’ll be Earth, it’s been awhile. After a little hiatus, TRR is up and rocking again, though a little more on the DL. That’s ‘down low’ if you’re not into the whole acronym thing. Anyway, I’m now rocking the show on a non-weekly basis, so my times will be a’changing, but I’m aiming to broadcast a show once a month for the time being. Who knows, maybe I’ll rev the party train back up in the near future. Either way, it’s jam time, and we’re picking up right where we left off. Here are the very best albums of 2013, and boy were they awesome.  (more…)


The Best Music of 2013

It was a rocking year for tunes, let me tell you Earth. Like all music nerds, I’m all about the year end lists. I don’t do a top songs list, because I’m an album man. Old school, what can I say. I’m not just doing the top 13 albums of 2013 though, we’ve got lots more going on than that. It’s time for some wild retrospective time, right…about…now.


Show #27: Girl Power


Keeping up with the theme this week was an estrogen-filled show that still rocked loud and proud. We kicked it off with all female bands, then female included duos, and finally female bandleaders. The criteria for the playlist was for current music only and no solo musicians or singer/songwriters. Came out pretty bitchin’ I must say, especially hearing The Loudest Chicks In Rock. Let the record show I’m kinda scared of those chicks.


Jam of the Week: Savages



Jam of the Week

Artist: Savages

Album: Silence Yourself

Genre: Garage Rock (Modern)

Date: 2013

Sound: Modern New Wave