Show #58: The Best Of 2013 (Part 1)


It’s time to jam out to the best tuneskies of 2013. I’ll go through all the lists I posted yesterday and begin to tackle the top 13 albums of 2013. We’ll finish it up on the next show, but we’ve got some good tunes going down right about now. Well, click the link to make the tunes start right now.



Show #43: Sleeper


There are so many new jamtastic albums being released recently, I had to do a Fresh Spin. You remember how it works, right? We rock out to two tracks from a new album, and then we keep rocking out to more new tracks. Then the hour is up and we’re all sad. Right? You’re sad when TRR ends, right?


Show #21: A Good Beginning


Keeping up with the Sigur Rós theme for the week, I decided it would be a dandy swell time to cruise through part of their setlist from the show in Broomfield, CO on 04/06/13. I recapped the review from yesterday and chatted about the band’s awesomeness, but didn’t attempt to pronounce anything in Icelandic. It’s probably better that way.


Sigur Rós Show Review


Venue: 1stBank Center 

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Date: 04/06/13

Inebriation Level: Soberish

When my friend Wes first introduced me to Sigur Rós back in college, I thought I was the coolest guy ever for jamming to some crazy dudes that spoke Icelandic. Then I went to a near sold-out show at the 1stBank Center in the ‘burbs last Saturday and realized I’m not very cool. I have this realization quite a bit.

I’d been wanting to catch the band for years after hearing their shows were like nothing else out there. Considering their music is so uniquely awesome, it was an easy buy when the tickets went on sale about five months ago. And to think teachers used to tell me I procrastinate.


Jam of the Week: Sigur Rós

( )

Jam of the Week

Artist: Sigur Rós

Album: ( )

Genre: Space Rock

Date: 2002 (Old School!)

Sound: Ambient + Spacey = Bitchin’