Jam of the Week: Michael Kiwanuka

Artist: Michael Kiwanuka

Album: Love & Hate

Genre: Singer-Songwriter (Modern)

Date: 2016

Sound: A sprawling and soulful sophomore release



Jam of the Week: Andrew Bird

Artist: Andrew Bird

Album: Are You Serious

Genre: Singer/Songwriter (Modern)

Date: 2016

Sound: Singer/Songwriter gone funky!


Jam of the Week: Sufjan Stevens


Artist: Sufjan Stevens

Album: Carrie & Lowell

Genre: Singer Songwriter (Modern)

Date: 2015

Sound: Somber, Personal, & Quiet (That’s a Real Bummer, Man)


Jam of the Week: Beck


Artist: Beck

Album: Morning Phase

Genre: Singer/Songwriter (Modern)

Date: 2014 (new!)

Sound: Mellow out with homeboy’s chill jams


Show #56: Alone Again Or


After some jamming out to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska this week, I thought I’d focus on the stripped-down basics of music. If you remove all the complexities and over production, you get to the core of the tuneskies. Just a musician and their instrument, nothing else. Only then can you really hear what makes a song great, with the emotion and honesty that a great musician can communicate. So let’s mellow out for the next hour and listen to some great musicians delivering killer jams in their rawest form.


Show #24: The Mellow Mafia


After reading a Rolling Stone (product placement, pay me please) article the other day about a group of session and backing musicians called “The Section” or “The Mellow Mafia,” I decided it was time to get mellow. They were behind some very important and hugely successful musicians, all part of a new wave of singer/songwriters to come out of LA in the 70’s. So today we mellowed out, but of course still rocked out to some legends, and learned a little bit along the way. Remember kids, learning is fun, so stay in school. Also make sure to eat your vitamins.


Jam of the Week: Jackson Browne


Jam of the Week

Artist: Jackson Browne

Album: For Everyman

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Date: 1973

Sound: Classic 70’s Mellow Rock


Jam of the Week: Kurt Vile


Jam of the Week

Artist: Kurt Vile

Album: Wakin On A Pretty Daze

Genre: Singer/Songwriter (Modern)

Date: 2013 (New!)

Sound: Laid-Back Indie Rock