Jam of the Week: Michael Kiwanuka

Artist: Michael Kiwanuka

Album: Love & Hate

Genre: Singer-Songwriter (Modern)

Date: 2016

Sound: A sprawling and soulful sophomore release



Charles Bradley Show Review

Venue: Bluebird Theater

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 09/12/15

Inebriation Level: 12 Hours Of Straight Drinking

The Screaming Eagle of Soul was coming to Denver and I wasn’t going to miss it. I’d been jamming since his 2011 debut and know he’s about as close as you’re going to get to old school Soul. I had finally just watched his documentary on Netflix (while chilling of course) to get all hyped up for the show. It was Soul time.

Convincing someone to come along proved to be damn difficult, which doesn’t make sense, because everyone needs a little Soul (I think that’s a song). Finally I convinced my man Brad to come along, but the problem was we had some other plans that day. With a volleyball tourney in the morning and a food/drink festival in the afternoon, we were quite liquored up come Saturday night. By the start of the concert we had a solid 12 hours of drinking under our belts, and because I was so drunk, I actually got to the concert on time. Pretty sure that has never happened ever.


Show #34: A Minor Kansas City Boulevard


Beer is good, especially when it inspires rocking playlists. This week was the summer drankin’ flagship Wheat Ale from Boulevard Brewing out of Kansas City. That right there is pretty cool town. All I ever do is eat and drink a lot when I visit, which is always a solid way to go. I should be a travel agent.


Show #22: Hot Off The Press


Time to rock a new series here on TRR called “Fresh Spin.” Though you may think I’m trying to sell you Tide (product placement, send me money please Tide people), I’m actually talking about spinning some fresh tunes. Fresher than the Fresh Prince, if that’s even possible.