Muse Show Review


Venue: Pepsi Center

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 09/17/13

Inebriation Level: Sober

Every once in awhile, the tables turn, and I’ll have some of my peeps ask me to go to a concert with them. They know I don’t have the Bieber Fever, yet the keep on asking.

Anyway, my friend Aaron gave me a holler because he had heard the Muse concert experience was something to be had. Not being a fan myself, but always up for a rocking good time, I decided to join in on the rocktivities (I just made that word up).

In preparation for the show, I checked out reviews, and the band had gotten nearly unanimous praise. People were saying Muse was the best show they’d ever seen, so amidst the hype, I started to get pretty stoked. I decided to forgo familiarizing myself with any of their music, mainly because I thought it would add to the experience. It was a rare moment I’d be checking out a new band live and seeing their music from a different perspective, or something rational like that.



Show #41: Woodstock Rocks (Part 4)


And then it came to an end. Well, it came to an end like a boss. I’m talking about Woodstock closing out with none other than the greatest of all, Jimi Hendrix. Before he took the stage, the jams continued loud and proud into the morning of Monday, August 18th, well off schedule. So when Hendrix closed out the festival, a diehard crowd of 30,000 jammed along, while 370,000 weak sauce amateurs went home. If you’ve been at Woodstock for three days, wouldn’t you stay for two extra hours to see Jimi Hendrix? C’mon now! Anywho, overall, 32 bands destroyed the stage over three plus days, making Woodstock live on in jamstastic glory forever.


Top Ten Woodstock Performances


Yep, Woodstock was pretty epic. 400,000 pot smoking, bongo playing, crazy dancing hippies descended on Max Yasgur’s 600 acre farm to hear 32 bands amidst an air of peace and love. Sure some of the bands to this day are legendary, but it was a collection of crowning moments over the long weekend that defined how we view Woodstock, and some of these bands, today. Over 40 years later, the 1969 festival still stands as the greatest of all time, and here’s why: (more…)

Show #33: Happy Birthday USA


As any patriotic, burger eating, truck driving, beer drinking American, I get excited about the July 4th Bday bash. So I put together a little playlists honoring the planet’s favorite country ever (right?) and am feeling pretty proud to be from the great US and A. We had songs about America, some Americana and Heartland tunes, and even had the Star Spangled Banner. Just make sure you take off your hats when that plays, come on now, show some respect.