Chasing Ghosts: The Search For Answers On The Mississippi Blues Trail


I was in the middle of nowhere. I drove an hour south of Memphis, down a maze of directions I had to hunt for online. I didn’t know if they were correct, but I had a mission in mind. It didn’t make any sense, but I just kept driving. I passed confederate flags waving proudly in front of ramshackle houses. I went up and down rolling hills that reminded me of southern Indiana by my alma mater. I crept by a sea of green on both sides of the road, with foliage covering every inch of the ground and creeping up the trunks of the trees. Then I turned on Kimbrough Chapel drive and felt a rush of excitement. It was like I found my place on a treasure map and the trunk full of gold was just ahead.



Show #34: A Minor Kansas City Boulevard


Beer is good, especially when it inspires rocking playlists. This week was the summer drankin’ flagship Wheat Ale from Boulevard Brewing out of Kansas City. That right there is pretty cool town. All I ever do is eat and drink a lot when I visit, which is always a solid way to go. I should be a travel agent.